Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Blogs For 2nd Year

Hello anyone who reads these things!

Just thought I'd let you know, I'm starting some new subject blogs for the impending school year. I'm going to be making one for
-PSYC 207 (Contemporary Topics in Darwinian Approaches to Mental Health and Psychological Disorders with Dr. Wehr)
-PSYC 314 (Health Psychology with Dr. Perrino)
-PSYC 217 (Research Methods with Dr. Brenner)

If you're taking any of these classes, I encourage you to check out my subject blogs, as they may be a useful resource for studying and learning the material (it's always good to consider the same information from someone else's perspective). If you followed along with me for Econ or Sociology (two subjects which I enjoyed, but no longer have room for), I would definitely encourage you to start up your own subject blogs, either as an individual, or as a collective. I found these, personally, to be a great learning tool, as well as a great way to take on some academic leadership...

Feeling inspired?

Other than that, I just wanted to wish everyone best-of-luck for the fall session. Have an awesome year, everyone!